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Your Walls Really Can Talk… Sort of 

You're gonna LOVE this. Renovations can really dig up the past. I’ve heard of people finding old newspapers and magazines, and even blankets stuffed in walls and under floors of older homes. What about a skull, though? Or even an entire ship?! Those are some of the objects found by people in this article read recently. I’ve heard of people worrying about skeletons in the closet, but I never thought about finding a real one there! What do you think would be the weirdest thing you’d find in your house?

Augmented Reality Will Change Your Life

Have you noticed all the buzz around Pokemon Go? I ask because, even though the game is likely a trend, the technology behind it is amazing. Have you given it a try? It uses something called ‘augmented reality’ to project images onto our real world when viewed through our camera phones. We’ll be seeing this technology used in a huge variety of applications, including travel, medicine, marketing, and real estate. Personally, I’m anxious to see what’s next. This article from Venture Beat does a great job of describing what our future may look like. What do you think? I’m excited to see how this will develop. Read more...
EXp Realty Is The Amazon Of Real Estate

Check out this amazing Blog article written by Dallas Salazar! And find out why eXp Realty is eXploding!! The Amazon Model of Zero Physical Infrastructure: Real Estate — You’re Next. The Amazon business model has shown that the first to zero infrastructure stands the best chance at survival; apparently, this holds true in the Real Estate complex. Read more...

How EXp Realty Will Rock Your Career
As we enter what is historically the slowest month for Real Estate, many Realtors take a hard look at what is holding them back in their careers. If you're open to a change that will not only help you earn more money this year but also show you a way to build residual income so you can experience financial freedom, please call me. I've found the answer. eXp Realty.

Not Much To Deflate Here

You're gonna LOVE this.
He’s married to a supermodel - who out earns him - just added a 5th Super Bowl ring to his collection and makes women swoon every time he smiles.Now, I may be biased, but I actually think the best thing about Tom Brady is his real estate.
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